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ETP - where we started and where we are now.

Updated: Jun 26, 2018

In 1989 Mr Edgar Thomas Patch, and John M Farr started ETP Sales and Agencies, in the beginning ETP was mainly focused towards the fabric and leather industry, distributing for the likes of Pittards leather.

Over the years the business has changed and grown covering many different areas within the textile industry. ETP has gone from supplying only local craftswomen and craftsmen to now supplying products to the medical, aviation safety, motorsport and media industries.

ETP prides itself on its customer service and satisfaction, product knowledge and experience. This helps to ensure customers receive the highest quality products with the service to match.

Today ETP covers many areas, distribution , warehousing & fulfillment and sourcing & bespoke projects.

-Distribution, ETP distributes for many international brands including Coats Thread, Coats Zips and Caswell Adhesives. ETP is a knowledge-based distributor bringing product expertise to customers.  Helping select the right products from a confusing industry or even a confusing catalogue!  Assisting in developing specifications for products which will serve customers well into the coming years.

-Warehousing & fulfillment, this gives companies the opportunity to grow without the expense of renting their own warehouse and employing staff. ETP looks after everything, from storing to picking & packing orders.

-Sourcing & Bespoke Projects, using the years of experience and good business relationships, ETP helps companies source products. Product sourcing saves costs and management time, and time is money. ETP source your products, get the best price and pass on the savings. ETP will also do new product and bespoke product research for you and deliver you samples for approval.

It is a very exciting time at ETP, the business is expanding in many areas and the team is growing!

We'll keep our blog up to date with news, events and articles you may find interesting!

Sarah x

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